The New Kalpakavadi Inn & Restaurant developed by Spiceworks Cuisines & Serviette Hotels

The New Kalpakavadi Inn & Restaurant is in partnership with Spiceworks Cuisines LLP.

The New Kalpavadi Inn & Restaurant builds on the Kalpakavadi legacy brand, a motel & a name that has witnessed Kerala’s social, political and cultural changes from within. Serviette Hotels, in parnership with Spiceworks Cuisines LLP is on an ambitious plan that re-imagines the legendary location with the erstwhile motel and cafe to a 150-seater air-conditioned cafe with a stellar dining ambience and fantastic choices on the new menu. Aiming at 100% optimisation of its legacy highway frontage, the project also envisages EV charging stations and a custom-manicured environment around it.

Project Partner

Spiceworks Cuisines LLP leads the New Kalpakavadi Inn & Restaurant project along with Serviette Hospitality. Spiceworks Cuisines aims to enhance and develop the popular legacy motel brand of Kerala, synonymous with the central Travancore and
coastal cuisines as a leading dining destination for palates across all generations.

Project Location