With Serviette Hotels on board, we will put your property to work, to its optimum capabilities. Offering a holistic suite of hospitality management services, our combined experience and expertise ensures a healthy return on your investment. This also helps deliver unmatched hospitality to our guests. Make use of our capabilities to enhance brand recognition, cost-effectiveness, and efficient management services, and above all, financial viability.

Here is how we work for you

  • In depth analysis of Hotel Operations with a hands-on approach to suggest improvements on Standards, Practices, Quality Assessment, Staffing, Procurement, Account practices, Cost control and more
  • Assessment of Staff, Procedures, Quality of materials and Supplies
  • Improve sales of Rooms, Food and Beverage, Spa and Taxi Tours to create additional revenue streams
  • Suggestions to improve Services, Facilities, Revenue, Branding, Standards and Quality, and provide Training
  • Improve IT Infrastructure by getting the right Management or POS Software, Channel Managers & Revenue Management
  • Improve the Property Website, thereby increasing foot falls on site, Social media and TripAdvisor engagement
  • Provide concise and precise data/Reports to the promoters on a daily/weekly/monthly basis as required
  • Provide assistance to the promoters for Local body/Statutory Liaisoning/ Licensing

In short, as a hospitality partner, Serviette Hotels’ objective is overall micro and macro management of hotel operations and sales to free the promoters of the day-to-day nitty-gritties.

Hospitality Management Services from Serviette

Leave your Sales & Marketing to Us

Serviette Hotels as your Hospitality management Services partner, will take care of the entire gamut of Sales, Marketing, Reservations, OTA Management, participation in Travel Fairs of importance, and Sales calls as a part of your team, representing the property in the market.

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