Experience the Healing Mastery through a fusion of Ayurveda & Kalari Yoga at AyurGuru Healing Retreat, Wayanad.

The AyurGuru Ayurveda & Kalari Yoga healing retreat village is surrounded by the evergreen forest of Muthanga, in Wayanad, Kerala. Individual based treatments are provided on the basis of tharough assessment done by the India’s best ayurvedic doctors and Kalari treatment are provided on the basis of through assessment done by experienced MPV Shiva Kumar Gurukkal. The treatment protocol includes ayurvedic therapist, kalari & yoga practices, based on the Yogavaivartha Sidhi, and
Marma Treatment. Ayurvedic diets for individuals are based on the individual treatment, and daily regimens are integrated for cleansing and balancing health of an individual in physical.

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